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Jual Ponton HDPE Harga Murah

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Recognize the symptoms of motor nerve disease that has no cure

Motor nerve disease is a group of conditions in which damage to parts of the motor nervous system progressively. This rare disease occurs when nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord called motor neurons do not work as they should. One of the most common types of motor nerve disease in adults is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Motor nerves are the parts of the body that control important muscle activities such as walking, talking, grasping, breathing, and swallowing. The importance of the role of this nerve in the movement of the human body makes motor nerve disease can have a major impact on everyday life. People who experience motor nerve disease gradually become increasingly restricted in their activities. A common type of motor nerve disease is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Therefore, often motor nerve disease is identified and referred to as ALS. This disease, also known as Lou Gehrig's, is generally suffered by adults over 40 years, especially over 60 years,

Risk of Facial Facial Side Effects that You Need to Know

Facials are widely considered a beauty treatment that is beneficial in rejuvenating the skin. But behind that, there is a risk of side effects from facials including dry skin, irritation and redness. Facials can now be done anywhere. Can be done at home or professionally in beauty care centers, spas, and salons. However, you should be careful, because if not done by trained personnel, especially without a doctor's supervision, this action might even cause undesirable effects on facial skin. Possible Effects on the Skin Treatment with facial facials generally has three stages. Facial facials begin massaging the area around the face by using facial cream, then proceed by giving hot steam to the face through a warm towel or an electric steam instrument. Finally, cleanse the skin up to the pores, and apply a face mask. Facial facial procedures should only be carried out with the supervision of health professionals, such as dermatologists. Mistakes in cleaning and choosing facial

Protect the Nerves of the Foot by Using the Right Footwear

Foot nerves can experience irritation and thickening caused by a variety of things, including the influence of daily activities and the use of footwear that is not in accordance with the condition of the foot, or wearing high heels in a long time. Thickening of the leg nerves is called Morton's neuroma. Morton neuroma is common between the bones of the middle finger and ring finger. This condition occurs at all ages, but often attacks middle-aged women. Athletics in athletics such as running also run the risk of having a Morton neuroma due to increased pressure in the toes when running. Symptoms and Causes Symptoms of thickening of the leg nerves are characterized by soles of the feet pain, tingling, numbness, and painful or burning sensations around the fingers and soles of the front legs. Patients will usually feel pain in the legs when wearing shoes, walking, or running. This pain is described as stepping on gravels that block in the sole of the foot. Some conditions that

What You Need To Know About Cataracts In Infants

Many people think that cataracts only affect adults, but this is not appropriate. Babies can develop congenital cataracts or congenital cataracts. For this reason it is important to understand the causes, symptoms and ways to overcome cataracts in infants. Congenital cataracts in infants occur when the lens of the eye is blocked by fog-like stains. This then blocks light from entering the eye. Not just interfere with vision, cataracts can cause blindness. Congenital cataracts can occur in both eyes or only in one eye. Causes of Cataracts in Infants Although there have been a number of reasons why a baby has congenital cataracts, in some cases the cause is uncertain. There are several possible causes of cataracts in infants: Genetic Cogenital cataracts can be caused by imperfect genes, which can be passed from parents to their children. So that the formation of the eye lens is not perfect. 1 out of 5 cases of cataracts have a history of cataracts from family members. Cataracts

Can Your Baby Eat Dried Fruit

Adults usually eat dried fruit as a snack or add to certain foods before serving. Then, what about babies or children, can they consume it too? Dried fruit comes from fresh fruit that has been through the drying process to eliminate the water content contained in it. This type of dried fruit is diverse, including raisins, dates, plums and apricots. The drying process does not change the meat on the fruit and nutrients, so that the fruit remains delicious to eat. Paying Attention to Children's Readiness Little can be given dried fruit, when he is ready to eat solid food or eat finger food, which is approximately in infants aged 8 months or 9 months. His readiness can be seen through signs such as when he tries to grab the spoon that other people use to feed food in his own mouth. There are pros and cons regarding the consumption of dried fruit for health. Indeed fresh fruit is still the best choice, however, dried fruit is still considered better than consuming factory-made j